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Kits, Conduction Cooled Key

nVent Schroff (formerly Birtcher) conduction-cooled keys (CCKs)  provide a solution for those IEEE 1101.10 applications with keying requirements but do not have front panels

These kits comprise two free connectors (one male, one female), two fixed connectors (one male, one female), four washers and four mounting screws.

As an authorized nVent Schroff distributor for over 20 years, Calgreg Electronics maintains inventory in support of both customer projects and production. We are flexible in such areas as minimum order quantities, scheduled deliveries, etc. and we provide a strong proven capability in value-added services. Contact Calgreg Electronics at 401-732-8100 and find out why Calgreg Electronics is nVent Schroff’s longest-serving distributor.